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Church Management Software For Windows PCs

Welcome to White Mountain Software and the home page of ChurchWatch, an exceptional Church Management Software package designed for Microsoft Windows !

Our Church Management Software (CMS) has been serving churches and charities around the world since 1999. Church management is a lot of work. When it comes to people, talents, volunteers, resources, facilities, promises and money, there's a lot to keep track of. Wouldn't it be great if you could take some of the work out of it and save time in the process? White Mountain Software makes it possible. Our church management software is powerful, smart, great looking, easy to learn and fun to use. It especially saves considerable time during tax season. We have some of the lowest costs in the Industry and treat our business as a ministry.

We've been relentlessly pursuing perfection since 1991 when our original product was concieved. Our current flagship product, ChurchWatch, has been on the market since 1999 and over 30 denominations in 17 countries use it confidently each day. Take the online tour to learn more or drop us an email to let us know your needs!

ChurchWatch is compatible with all versions of Windows since Windows 98 and including Windows 10.


VER 6.0

ChurchWatch is:

  • Easy to learn, quick and fun to use.
  • Full featured and powerful.
  • Stable and reliable.
  • Flexible and affordable.
  • Suitable for large or small, protestant or
    catholic churches alike.


YES!  ChurchWatch 6 is fully compatible with the new Windows 10 operating system!


"I want to congratulate White Mountain on putting out a great product. I have tried several other church management programs, but none of them come close to ChurchWatch. It is a comprehensive program. It is easy to use. It actually works, and the support is fantastic."

M. Carnevale, Salem United Methodist, Bettsville OH, USA

Frustrated by your current software package? We can help you transfer to ChurchWatch and will import your existing data at no charge. Contact us.

ChurchWatch Was Covered in a National News Story on the CBC Program "The National"!

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