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About Us

White Mountain Software was officially founded in 1999 when our current flagship product, ChurchWatch, was ready for the market. Prior to that time, we had been involved in Church Management Software since 1991. We have a mission and a sincere passion to use our skills to provide top-notch software tools to churches around the world.

Over the years our business has grown steadily. In fact, since 2001 we have bought out the businesses of perSEY, Parish Solutions and most recently Clavis CAS. This has broadened our market share significantly. Today, our software is sold in 17 countries to over 30 different Christian denominations.

White Mountain Software is now located in one of the hi-tech centers of Western Canada, Saskatoon Saskatchewan. Obviously our software is well suited to Canadian churches and our software is very popular in Canada. In fact, we like to call it "Canada's Church Management Software". But in addition, almost half of our business comes from the United States. Since the software is easily downloaded via the internet, country borders have quickly dissolved. In addition our toll free phone number is available in both the USA and Canada. Regardless of where you are located, feel confident in our software and our support. Rest assured we are here to help you and we'd love to partner with you in your ministries.

ChurchWatch was originally designed for protestant churches but over the years we have added modules suitable for catholic churches as well. The current software design is suitable for any Christian denomination without sacrificing any features.

We advertise mainly on the internet, on Google and in some publications such as Christian Computing Magazine and Faith Today. Advertising costs are significant (thousands of dollars for a single ad in a single month's publication of many magazines). In our opinion this is not good stewardship and we prefer to spend our profits elsewhere. For example, at least 10% of all sales go back into the work of Christian churches and charities. We will continue to use the internet as our primary source of advertising and information for our customers and potential customers.

So today you have found us, and we're glad you did. Please stay awhile, download a free demo and take the online tour. We trust you will be impressed with the rich feature set of ChurchWatch and with how easy it is to use.  If you do have a question, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at or via a toll free call (Canada and USA only) at 1-877-955-3657 or at 306-955-3657 (International). Thanks for visiting us today!

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