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Testimonials and Quotes

Our software generates a lot of excitement. Here is what your peers are saying about ChurchWatch (all quotes used with permission):


"Thank you for the wonderful product you produce. We have tried several church programs and NOTHING compares to Churchwatch - it is absolutely WONDERFUL! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will be telling all my fellow church administrators about it!"
- A. Garnsay - Office Manager, First Lutheran Church, Charlotte, MI, USA

I want to congratulate White Mountain on putting out a great product. I have tried several other church management programs, but none of them come close to ChurchWatch. It is a comprehensive program. It is easy to use. It actually works, and the support is fantastic."
- M. Carnevale, Salem United Methodist, Bettsville OH, USA

"GREAT SOFTWARE!!!! Easy to use, Efficient, Great help (and personable). I'm using the software on Vista and have no issues in this area. (I wish the rest of my software worked as well as yours does on Vista!!!)"
- J. Lapointe - Zion-Mount Zion Pastoral Charge, Pembroke, ON, Canada

The support from White Mountain Software was and is superb. When I have had a question, I am either answered immediately by e-mail and if that is not enough, I have used their 800 number. I have never been left in the lurch.
- K. Wilson, Pilgrim Holiness Church, Kingston, ON, Canada

"I am very pleased with ChurchWatch and especially glad that the January to March 2006 collections were imported successfully from [product name removed]. What a lot of work that you saved for me. The data entry systems and collections spreadsheet is far superior to [product name removed] and very user friendly."
- A. Franz - Parish Secretary, St. Patrick's Parish, Victoria, BC, Canada

"I have found ChurchWatch easy to use, [and] had no trouble issuing receipts for 2004. The more I become familiar with it, the more I like it."
- B. Meade, St. Joseph's Church, Douro ON, Canada

"You can't go wrong investing in ChurchWatch...Would I recommend it? Why haven't you bought it yet?"
- J. Chisholm, Northwood United Church, Surrey BC, Canada

"Thanks!!! If every organization conducted business as quickly, efficiently and graciously as you (and had as good a product), the world would be a better place!"
-F. Hendrickson, First Church of Religious Science, Albuquerque NM, USA

"Thank you! It seems that most companies don't know what customer service is these days. It is truly refreshing to work with you!"
- J. Kerschner, John 23rd University Center, Fort Collins CO, USA

"The speed and concern with which ya'll respond to customer concerns is most refreshing."
- C. Briney, First Church of Religious Science, Albuquerque NM, USA

"I am comparing the package to some others, specifically [product name removed]. Not only is ChurchWatch easier to use and more intuitive, but you leave me speechless with the promptness of your support responses!"
- H. Boghossian, Toronto Church of the Living God, Toronto, Canada

"Turning aspirations into realities is easier when quality people are
supportive of your efforts. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and time with us as we worked on installing ChurchWatch, Church Management Software. It was reassuring to know that you and your company shared our Church's vision and were so willing to help with whatever we needed. We have put ChurchWatch into action and we are very excited about all the wonderful features we now have at our fingertips. I extend my utmost appreciation and thanks for your professional support and for the great Church Management Software."
- D. Miller and D. Schrock, Crossroads Community Church, Camarillo, CA.

"I have been automated for years - and have tested several programs. This is the first one I fell 'head over heals' over."
- D. Dickens, Lighthouse Community Church, Baltimore MD, USA

"Excellent Product!!!  I have been looking at several software packages, and this one is the best I've found."
- A. Harris, Galatian Baptist Church, Fort Worth, TX, USA

"Your program is the least complicated, most practical, and the most user-friendly program I have come across."
- R. Canton, St. Matthew's Anglican Church, St. Albert, AB, Canada

"You have a good product, with a thoughtful, "user-friendly" interface. Even my not-so-computer-literate church secretary was able to use it with only a little practice."
- D. Stewart, Bath Presbyterian, Dayton, OH, USA

"I love the design of this package, its fun and quick to use."
- T. Grumbling, Oasis Community Church, Gold Canyon, AZ, USA

"I have tried other software, both made in Canada and in the USA, but have found this much more simple to use."
- K. Wilson, Pilgrim Holiness Church, Kingston, ON, Canada

"We have only just begun with the ChurchWatch system a couple of months ago (and I really like it!). It is very user friendly."
- M. Reilander, Avalon Alliance Church, Saskatoon, SK, Canada

"I test-drove several programs, and like yours the best."
- L. Fulkerson, Downtown Church of Christ, Morrilton, AZ, USA

"Your household/person entry and maintenance is one of the best if not the best that I have found in the 6-8 programs I have reviewed at this time. Your event scheduling with room, equipment requirements, etc. is a nice feature as is the QuickSearch."
- N. Banister,Springbrook Church of Christ, Renton WA, USA

"Overall your software is excellent. I especially like the ability to get ad-hoc reports via a query."
- R. Davis, St. John's United Methodist Church, Turnersville, NJ, USA

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