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  • User access level protected
  • Sophisticated, yet simple, Giving Manager to track contributions and offerings
  • User defined account (fund) names. Accounts may be receiptable or non-receiptable (may be overridden at entry time). Accounts may have an account number and goal amount (budget goal)
  • All offerings are entered in batches. Each batch has a batch date and an optional designator (eg "Sunday Morning Offering 10/13/2005") and an optional pre-calculated total. Each batch can also have a free-form comment
  • Batches can be locked and unlocked
  • Posted data is always entered into the currently selected batch
  • Balance of batch is automatically calculated and displayed at all times as well as a number of other statistics about the batch
  • Offerings may be entered by name or by envelope number or both
  • Support for Pre-Authorized Remittance files (P.A.R.) of almost any format (and especially designed for United Church PAR files).
  • FUND ACCOUNTING INFO: ChurchWatch does not have built-in Fund Accounting or payroll. However, the program integrates to excellent accounting packages that are readily available at low cost. You can quickly export your data to QuickBooks, Quicken or Simply Accounting file formats to handle all your church accounting needs (See FILE-EXPORT). We cannot compete with these excellent programs and have decided to partner with them instead.
  • Church fiscal year reports - your fiscal year may end on any date
  • Easily handles loose cash and split offerings (single offerings going to several accounts)
  • Ability to auto-load data based on person's last giving (includes split offerings)
  • Properly handles gift-in-kind and gift-in-kind receipting including appraisers
  • Giving reports can show summary (totals) or split details, your choice
  • Optionally keeps track of offering type (cash, check etc)
  • Canada Customs and Revenue Agency approved tax receipts with optional digitized signature. Many format choices for the receipts. Tax receipts optionally include the CCRA website address (a requirement in Canada).
  • IRS Substantiation of Contributions Report (for amounts > $250)
  • Easily and quickly switch between current year and past years. You can view and edit giving data from previous years
  • There are several pages on Giving Manager form for statistics, batch information etc
  • QuickReceipt feature to instantly print a receipt for the current offering
  • Many related reports
  • QuickSearch list shows all defined batches. A single click in the QuickSearch list changes the batch.
  • Easy filters to reduce the data you are viewing to a specific set of record(s)
  • QuickReport
  • Deposit Slips
  • Easy to use "solutions" page to fix common problems like moving offerings from a deceased person to another
  • Ability to store last year's, this year's and next year's envelope numbers all at once complete with a sophisticated "envelope shift wizard" (envelope numbers are assigned and managed in the Membership Manager)

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