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How-To: WordPerfect Mail Merge

This general information will work in most versions of WordPerfect. Check your built-in help for minor differences:

WordPerfect Versions 7 through 11 and later

1. Create a mail merge data file using the ChurchWatch Mail Manager. You need software version 1.0007 or later. Follow the instructions in the ChurchWatch User's Guide.
2. In WordPerfect, click FILE-OPEN. Enter the name of the data file you created in step 1.
3. When prompted for file type, choose ANSI (WINDOWS) Delimited Text File
4. An Import Data Form is displayed. Set up the following attributes:

Choose Import As = Merge Data File
Delimiter (or Field) = ,
Record = [CR][LF]
Encapsulated = "
Strip =

5. Check off "First Record Contains Field Names"
6. Click OK.
7. The file will be created and shown in the main document window. Click FILE-SAVE AS and save your data file as .DAT. Then close the window.

To do the merge:

9. Click CREATE DOCUMENT (or FORM DOCUMENT or FORM) button. In WordPerfect 10 and 11, click FORM DOCUMENT->CREATE FORM DOCUMENT.
10. If prompted, Click "Use File in Active Window" to use existing document
or "New Document Window" to create new document
11. Click "Associate Data File" and set the file to the file you saved in
step 7. Click OK.
12. Near the top left corner of the screen click on Insert Field to insert a
field from your merge data file. Continue this process to create your merge document template. Be sure to save your template document when done.
13. When done, click the MERGE button on the toolbar. In the form that
appears click MERGE to complete the merge. This will create a new document window with all the merges.

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