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ChurchWatch is highly customizable and flexible for several reasons. One of those reasons is that all list related items are open-ended and user definable.

  • User defined giving and pledge account names (fund names)
  • User defined gift-in-kind appraisers and addresses
  • User defined date names and dates
  • User defined church group names, both people and families, (very useful for small groups and other church groupings of any type).
  • Ability to store "groups of interest" ie people who are interested in a group but do not yet belong
  • User defined facility names (rooms etc)
  • User defined resource names (church assets)
  • User defined deposit account names (for exporting contribution data to QuickBooks (tm))

  • User defined district and area names
  • User defined household types
  • User defined "how they heard" types
  • User defined marital status types. Most are already defined but you can add more to support your unique requirements.
  • User defined membership types (membership levels within your church like "full", "prepatory", "youth" - replace with whatever names you use to define different membership levels)
  • User defined special award names
  • User defined special needs names (like "peanut allergy")
  • User defined Time and Talents (spiritual gifts, skills, talents etc)
  • User defined Titles (Mr., Mrs. etc). Most are already defined but you can add more to support your unique requirements.
  • ChurchWatch Today form gives you an instant view of outstanding messages, today's birthdays, events and to-do items.
  • ChurchWatch News form gives you updates concerning news and new releases related to ChurchWatch (requires internet connection)
  • ChurchWatch Heartbeat form gives you all kinds of statistics about the data in your database

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