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  • Stores details about families/households and people
  • User access level protected
  • Unique family-tree-view QuickSearch control to easily find and access household or person information
  • Family photos and person photos
  • Supports main and alternate address. Easily swap back and forth.
  • Supports up to 4 family email addresses as well as individual email addresses
  • Store church families, visitors, contacts and vendors
  • Under each family, visitor, contact or vendor entry, store person names and details for each person at the address
  • Last names in each family do not have to be the same
  • Multiple levels of publishing protection (publish name and address only, name and phone only, email yes/no etc)
  • Map lookup based on zip code helps locate dwelling
  • Area/district entry (area/district names are completely user-defined)
  • Store several phone numbers, emails etc
  • Photos can optionally be viewed under the QuickSearch list
  • UNLIMITED User defined fields
  • Quick access to individual and family details
  • QuickReport feature for a rapid report
  • Data filtering to easily reduce the list of viewed families or persons based on your criteria. Data filtering is compatible with the QuickReport feature.
  • Store extensive personal information about individuals such as gender, marital status, birthday, anniversary, family tree, contact information etc but use only what you need. Almost everything is optional
  • Church page church related information and important dates. No limit to the number of dates you can store for each person.
  • Numerous contact fields
  • Keep track of person's time and talents (skills, gifts etc)
  • Place people into church groups
  • Each person's giving and pledge summary available at a glance (password protected)
  • Attendance summary and person's schedule
  • Keep track of special needs
  • User defined fields for individuals
  • Free form notes for both households and individuals
  • Ability to store last year's, this year's and next year's envelope numbers all at once complete with a sophisticated "envelope shift wizard"
  • Real time map lookup (requires internet connection)

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