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ChurchWatch News

Product Announcement!  Version 6 Now Available!


We are pleased to announce that ChurchWatch Version 6 is now available for purchase.



Online Store Now Available!


Our online store is now up and running.  We can accept payment via major credit cards or by PayPal account.  All transaction processing is handling by PayPal's highly secure systems!  You can view the store here.



Product Announcement!  Version 5 Training Video Series!


In our ongoing efforts to improve support to our customer base, we are pleased to announce the release of our new ChurchWatch Training Video Series!  This product consists of 36 videos packed with information.  This series takes you into every nook and cranny of ChurchWatch, explaining by example on-screen.  The entire series consists of about 8 hours of video that can be played on your PC at your leisure.  We were able to cram this large video product onto a single CD-ROM so no DVD drive is required.  The videos were done using ChurchWatch Version 5 but most of the topics apply to all versions of ChurchWatch.


Cost has been set at $125 Canadian, same as a 1 day training session.  See the orders page to order now.


Although this video series does not completely replace our in-person training sessions (no discussions and no questions/answers), it certainly comes close and has many advantages over a training course:


  •   - You can play the videos on a PC, with ChurchWatch running side-by-side so you can immediately try things out
  •   - You can pause, rewind and replay the videos as often as you want
  •   - It's a huge reference library.  You always have the video.  So if you need to review, or if your church staff changes, you can run the videos again and again 
  •   - A picture is worth a thousand words.  Actually seeing the video while things are being explained is far superior to reading a user's manual
  •   - The videos cover almost everything.  We can't do that in a one day training session.
  •   - The videos are organized by topic, and come in an easy-to-use web-browser interface so that there is no learning-curve to watch the videos.
  •   - Videos are presented by the programmer/designer of ChurchWatch for first-hand information.


What you need:


  •   - A PC
  •   - A CD-ROM drive in your PC
  •   - Adobe FLASH player software (a free download if you don't already have it).  Most PCs will already have this.
  •   - A web browser such as Internet Explorer
  •   - External speakers are recommended but not required


Training Video Project!


We are currently working on a huge video training project.  The project is nearing completion and consists of videos of about 20-30 minutes in length, covering every nook and cranny of the ChurchWatch software.  There will likely be somewhere between 20 and 30 videos. 


More news coming soon...



ChurchWatch User Forums Now Secure....


We are pleased to announce that the user forums are now completely secure.



ChurchWatch User Forums Locked Down....


In the past while, our online user forums have come under increasing attacks including advertising messages and inappropriate postings.  To combat this problem immediately, we have locked down the registration process.  It is no longer possible for new users to create their forum account online.  Our user forums are for ChurchWatch customers only.  To create an account so that you can post messages, please email us with your full name, location, email address and a desired online username for the forums.  We will register you and email you a temporary password which you can change once logged in.




New website launch!


Welcome to our brand new website!  This is our 4th generation website.  Feel free to browse around.  Be sure to checkout the downloads and online tour if you are a new customer and check out the support pages if you are an existing customer.


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