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ChurchWatch Overview

ChurchWatch is an exciting and innovative software program designed exclusively for Microsoft Windows Operating Systems (98/ME/XP/NT/2000/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8). The most striking feature of the program is its straight-forward common-sense design. Literally anyone can learn the basics of this software in just a few minutes without the use of the manual. In addition the software is highly flexible to meet the specific needs of your church. ChurchWatch will help your church office keep track of membership, attendance, contributions and pledges, calendars, event and facility management and much more. Easily print text or photo church directories. Printing Canadian or US tax receipts and IRS reports is a snap and will save your financial staff or volunteers hours of work each year. This feature alone is worth the cost of the software! Over 600 reports are included and ALL are user-modifiable if changes are required to meet your specific needs and tastes. ChurchWatch comes in three (3) versions:

Full Version - The full featured, single user version of the software. Purchase this version if you are a larger church (>250 people) and require an installation on only one computer.

"Light" Version - Same as the full version but limited to 250 people in the database including visitors, temporaries and children.  In addition, the Schedule Manager is disabled in this version (NOTE:  the Schedule Manager includes scheduling, attendance, and volunteer/task management).

Network Version - Version for running on a hard-wired or wireless Windows network. Includes server software and workstation software for each ADDITIONAL computer. You can designate one of your church computers as the "server". The server is where the data will reside. Individual copies and money-saving "network bundles" are available (see prices page).


Additional Products:


Training Video Series - This product consists of 36 training videos packed onto 1 CD-ROM that you can play on your PC.  This training series takes you into every nook and cranny of ChurchWatch, explaining everything with on-screen examples.   This product is a must-have for all users of ChurchWatch regardless of which version you own!


Feel free to browse our website to find out how ChurchWatch can help put the excitement back into church management! Be sure to take the online tour or download a free demo. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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